App-based asset management.

You have valuable assets all over the country. A display part or component no larger than a dime may be worth thousands of dollars, yet you struggle to keep a handle on the sheer volume of them. And in today's high-tech world, these valuable parts keep getting smaller and smaller, ever more difficult to manage efficiently.

Count on VOLT Systems' FERO asset management app to help you train, troubleshoot, order parts and report status all in one spot.

The highly intuitive FERO app is powered by a unique QR code tied specifically to your designated field asset. So with a simple scan, you can immediately pinpoint and understand asset status in the field and ensure it's in perfect working order, minimizing lost dollars and opportunities.

With FERO, managing your field assets is no longer cumbersome. It's a pleasure.

While standing near the asset in question, the end user launches the VOLT app on their smart device.

The end user then scans the specific FERO QR code that has been associated with the asset designated.

FERO accesses the asset-specific interface and presents options including troubleshooting, training, parts ordering or status report.

The end user chooses the applicable option and FERO either delivers on-demand content to help manage the asset or initiates the appropriate action.

Manage your field assets the smart way with FERO.

All VOLT Systems offerings provide comprehensive dashboard reporting highlighting key performance indicators designed to help you rapidly spot trends and manage expectations.

With FERO, you will understand:

  • Total number of displays placed and functioning
  • Total number of displays placed and not functioning
  • Total number of part orders placed by display by MFG
  • Common part order trends by display