Training, certification and badging.

Today's global workforce demands new tools to succeed. Geography, while no longer a limitation, can present challenges to consistent training in decentralized teams.

Rely on VOLT Systems' cloud-based CREDO training, certification and badging platform to ensure your team is effectively trained, certified and armed with the appropriate credentials to deliver the works that you expect of them.

In partnership with you, CREDO delivers highly customized, feature-rich online training, validated by comprehensive certification quizzes, and credentialed with unique badges that shipped direct to certified personnel for use when working in the field.

With CREDO, Understanding the necessary skills to do the job is no longer a guessing game. It's a promise.

VOLT Systems will partner with you to develop curricullum that is customized to meet the training needs of your workforce.

Once training content is complete, you provide VOLT Systems with a contact list of all personnel you wish to receive CREDO training and certification.

CREDO deploys an email invitation to the specified list including a login link and credentials for online training.

Field personnel login to the CREDO training portal and complete online training and certification activities.

Upon certification, field personnel are invited to upload a photo to be displayed on their unique badge.

Badges are approved, printed - each with a unique user-specific QR code printed on the back - and shipped to your fulfillment center of choice for distribution to end users.

Gain greater visibility to training, certification and badging than you've ever had before with CREDO.

All VOLT Systems offerings provide comprehensive dashboard reporting highlighting key performance indicators designed to help you rapidly spot trends and manage expectations.

With CREDO, you will understand:

  • Number of reps trained (current and over time)
  • Number of badges shipped
  • Number of photos denied
  • Hours of training delivered