About VOLT Systems

VOLT Systems is an industry leader in technology providing solutions for retailers to manage third-party labor effectively and efficiently. Our applications provide visibility to all in-store activity being performed by third-party labor throughout your organization including home office leadership, store management, suppliers, and third-party field retail teams.

Our team uses the latest software stacks and cloud technologies to create amazing, customer-focused solutions. Our leadership encourages a collaborative, agile environment where all team members are an integral part of setting the direction for our solutions. VOLT is proud to have an in-house Development Team.

VOLT continues to be an industry pioneer utilizing the latest training, tools, and technology to became a best-in-class retail services company.

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Training Knowledge

Consistent, retailer approved, digital training delivered to field reps via our applications. We make training and engaging your retails teams easy!

Identity Badging

A physical badge is issued to each field rep who completes required onboarding training. Each rep is assigned a unique QR code on their badge for in-store check-ins and optimal security.

Dashboard Reporting

VOLT reporting provides absolute transparency from the store level through headquarters to help measure, validate, and quantify the value of service.

Common Problems Retailers Have

  • Which third-party labor providers perform work in my stores?
  • Are they properly trained and certified?
  • Are they maximizing their in-store efforts?
  • What are my third-party-labor reps working on today?

Key Benefits

Cut Waste

Reduce wasted labor through improved coordination of retail activities, which increases your bottom-line!


Gain full visibility to planned retail activity, service tasks performed, and be empowered with the data available to you via reports and visual dashboards!


Ensure compliance by measuring and validating service, & by authorizing reps to access your stores only by first completing the VOLT training and certification process and getting issued an ID badge.


Improve the quality and consistency of work in your business. The digital platform allows for effective and efficient workflows, onboarding processes, and data analytics.

Training and Certification

VOLT Systems provides an online platform to ensure all field retail representatives have completed training and certifications. VOLT produces multimedia training based on the retailer’s specific needs.

  • Provide a consistent customer experience throughout retail stores
  • Ensure compliance by measuring and validating service
  • Enhance security with VOLT-issued ID badges featuring unique QR codes for each rep
  • Retail representatives engage in simple, mobile-friendly digital training and pass a certification quiz to have their ID badge issued
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Issuing Credentials

VOLT helps retailers provide streamlined digital training to field representatives providing consistent education throughout their teams. This process also promotes an added layer of security by issuing badges for field reps with unique identifiers.

How does it work?

  • Retail representatives successfully complete the retailer’s training and certification through VOLT Systems’ digital platform
  • VOLT issues a physical badge customized to the retailer’s specifications
  • Physical vendor badges are printed and shipped by VOLT
  • Photo IDs feature your company logo
  • VOLT reviews each rep’s submitted badge photo to ensure professionalism and quality
  • Each badge is be shipped directly to field reps or the field group’s centralized distribution center, customer preference

Dashboard Reporting

With VOLT you can assess performance execution, operational efficiencies, and execution by department. Dashboard reporting in the VOLT platform provides absolute transparency for Retailers (from store-level through headquarters), Suppliers, and Field Groups.

  • Store manager dashboard with department-level data and visit comments
  • Scheduled visits by department, field group, day/time, and activity
  • Field reps currently in-store and the task details being executed
  • Digital logbook with a historical view of completed visits and activity
  • Scorecard to illustrate strengths and weaknesses of each field team
  • Operational efficiencies; by field group, by department, and by time frame
  • Detailed analytics on visits
  • Additional customized reports and dashboards per retailer specifications

Integration with Third-Party Labor Groups

The highly skilled Architects at VOLT Systems provide integration and make fundamental integration simple for you!

  • VOLT provides integration solutions for both highly technical field organizations as well as those without IT resources to dedicate to integration
  • API integration with our system
  • Simple web forms on the VOLT dashboard to allow companies to utilize the system features without having technical expertise

The Process:

  • Retailer feeds store lists and fundamental operational details to VOLT
  • Field groups transmit field rep info, schedule data, and result data to VOLT
  • VOLT provides easy-to-use resources so our clients can effortlessly obtain meaningful data to drive positive business results!